Discover You!

Want a smaller commitment?

If you're not ready to commit to an 8-week program, you can opt for Discover You! where you will discover who you really are, what you want in life, and how to get there.


This 2-session package is designed to help you uncover some of the most basic parts of who you are. We will look at your satisfaction in different areas of your life, uncover your deepest values, and understand your behavior terms of archetypes.

Each session is 90-minutes long and mirrors the first two sessions in Cultivate Your Voice. The cost is only $197.00!

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There is room for YOU in your life!

At Seeds of Change Life Coaching I help People-Pleasing Perfectionists find and honor their voice so that they can live an empowered, compassionate life.


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You can schedule a free call to learn more about the transformative experiences I offer and explore your options. This 30 minute visit is done by phone or Zoom. 

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