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Upcoming Workshops

More workshops coming soon!


A virtual workshop: 

April 24 & 25, 2021

1-3 pm (Pacific Time, each day)

  • Do you ever feel like some challenges in life are insurmountable? 

  • Do you find yourself doing the same thing over and over, yet never getting a different result?

  • Do you wish that you could find more courage, decisiveness, compassion, or transformative power?

Rise Above Challenge:

Connecting with Archetypal Patterns to Overcome Obstacles

This is the workshop for you!

Join me and Lisa McGee, (ACC, WPCC, embodiment coach) as we delve into the power of Archetypes! Archetypes are universal patterns of behavior we can utilize when we need to change our thoughts or behaviors. 

During challenging times in life we often get stuck in old patterns that keep us from overcoming the obstacles we face. But we can find the power within to face our problems with courage & compassion. By tapping into specific Archetypes we can learn to lean into our challenges, make bold decisions, and embrace change. 


Lisa L McGee helps others integrate their 4 intelligence centers so they can love their career again. Her clients get unstuck and find fresh ways to create impactful and fulfilling work. She is an ICF certified Whole Person Life Coach and currently training as an Embodiment Coach. Learn more at

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We will learn about the Core Four Archetypes: The Queen, The Lover, The Hero, and The Catalyst. Each one offers unique perspectives and abilities that you can learn to tap into. 

We will meet on April 24 & 25, for 2 hours each day, virtually. There will be handouts, discussions, and a chance to practice what you're learning. Please join us! We are excited to guide you through the amazing power of Archetypes!

Kim Hamblin-Hart loves to help individuals transform their lives through shifting perspective. She is ICF certified & a Whole Person Coach.

Register today for only $39.97!

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You CAN rise above your challenges!

Read more about the Core Four Archetypes here, 

Interacting with your Archetypes here, and

the Hero's Journey here.

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