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Academic Life Coaching:

Life coaching for the distinct challenges educators and students face

Are you experiencing pandemic fatigue?

Do you struggle with this "new normal?"

You are not the only one.

You don't have to go through it alone.

As a mother, former teacher, lifelong student and certified life coach, I understand the challenges you are facing. I am keenly aware of the pressures that both teachers and students are under. Almost everyone is experiencing stress and/or anxiety which might show up as apathy, discouragement, anger, or feelings of hopelessness. Although these feelings are totally normal, and I believe, completely appropriate, you don't have to continually struggle with them day in and day out.

I offer coaching which can provide emotional support, teach life skills, and help people navigate life through these unprecedented times. Even people with skills to work through issues are finding it difficult to deal with the prolonged and unusual stress of living through a pandemic. A lot of people feel alone, isolated and overwhelmed and don’t know who to talk to. A life coach can provide the support they seek.

Many of the problems students and staff are facing can be addressed through academic life coaching, which is designed to help with the unique challenges faced by the educational community. Coaching for both staff and students can help you:

  • work through pandemic fatigue

  • overcome anxiety (low-grade) & apathy

  • enhance concentration

  • increase time management/getting work done/follow through

  • manage the continual changes in school/class formats

  • improve motivation

  • navigate isolation and missing friends, students and other staff

  • strengthen relationships with family and friends

  • provide emotional support

  • develop life skills

  • maintain or improve physical/emotional health

  • plan for the future 

  • balance school & personal life responsibilities/needs

  • deal with overwhelm & stress management

  • lean into uncertainty

I am offering reduced pandemic rates for students and educators. I particularly want to make this accessible to students who might not be able to get help in other ways. So, for individuals who are under economic stress I offer a sliding scale.

If you would like to find out if academic life coaching is right for you, sign up for a free 30 minute call. We can discuss your concerns, needs, and identify ways to get the support you need.

Students: 4 sessions for only $150

Take advantage of this special rate and save over over 60%!

Educators: 4 sessions for only $280

This special offer is 30% off my normal coaching rates!

What past clients are saying: 

"Working with Kim was delightful and insightful...This coaching experience showed me that I have the power within me to change my own life." --Christina M.

"Working with Kim has been transformative for both my personal and professional growth . . . she helped me to see things differently in a way that positively supports my overall happiness in life" --Jody K.

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