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Life Coaching for
Personal Development & Mental Wellbeing
Live with intention.
Choose how you show up in the world.

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Awareness creates Choice

Once you are aware, then you can choose:

  • how you show up in your life & in your relationships

  • the type of person you want to be

  • how you act & react

  • your inner dialogue

  • what you believe about yourself & the world around you

Choice comes out of awareness. Before you can make informed choices, you must first become aware of how you are both feeling and thinking. Once you are aware, then you can decide how you want to show up in your life.


My goal is to help you understand your thoughts and emotions so you can learn to set boundaries, let go of things that no longer serve you, reach your goals, and embrace a way of living that is in alignment with your deepest values.


Deepening your awareness allows you to live and act with greater intention. I provide a safe space for you to explore and accept your thoughts and feelings. Together we will look at your current beliefs about your life and discover new perspectives that will allow you to reclaim your personal authority and lead a confident, empowered, and compassionate life. 

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What is Narrative Coaching?

Learn more about how your stories influence and shape your life. In my free video series you can discover how limiting stories may be holding you back and how narrative coaching can help you create a life you love.


Welcome to Seeds of Change Life Coaching

I utilize a wide variety of tools, including narrative coaching, cognitive behavioral techniques, and acceptance and commitment practices, to help you gain the power to choose how you want to show up in the moment. Change doesn’t happen overnight. Becoming the best version of yourself is a process. It requires daily, intentional thoughts that then shift your behavior. As a Whole Person Coach, I work with individuals to understand and accept your feelings so that you can embody the thoughts and behaviors or your choice. 

Take a minute to learn more in my introductory video.

When you change Your Story,

You Change Your Life

I used to tell myself a lot of stories that kept me small, dissatisfied, and chronically depressed. I believed some emotions were good and some were bad. And I believed having "bad" feelings meant that I was bad. So, I stuffed them and numbed them as best I could (hence, the chronic depression).

As a people-pleasing-perfectionist, I was constantly seeking external validation. I was basing my inner value on what others thought of me. I built my life around an inner narrative that said: "my real worth in the world is based on whether other people are happy with me or not." 

I devalued my inner knowing and constantly set my own needs/wants aside in order to make sure no one would be upset with me. My story was that it was more important to keep the peace than to show up honestly.

This was a limiting story. It kept me small. I sacrificed my integrity, thinking I was doing something good for everyone around me. And despite having a loving family and a really good life, this story kept me constantly battling depression.

But once I became aware that my beliefs, thoughts, and perspectives were simply stories I told myself about my life, I realized I could choose a new narrative. And as I started to change my story, my life began to change.

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Awareness and Acceptance

My development started once I became aware of and accepted my emotions. This has allowed me to change my thoughts, which alters the meaning I give to my emotions and experiences. Through rewriting my stories, I have improved my emotional intelligence, quieted my inner critic (or more accurately, my inner-bully), and I am continually improving my relationships. I am also learning to really listen to my inner wisdom.

Relying on others to validate you keeps you from understanding that your worth come from within.

When I dug deep to change my own inner narrative, I realized that I am a good person, that my emotions do not define me, and that disagreeing or having conflict with someone does not mean I don't love them. As I stepped into my power I found more joy in the things that already existed in my life. I was able to still support my loved ones – but now I include MYSELF in that circle of people I love. 

My new perspective includes space for personal growth, compassion, and grace. I have room in my life for both my mistakes and my successesI want to support you in your personal growth. Through working with me, you’ll learn how to rewrite your stories and inner narrative, so that you will shift your perspective, find your voice, reclaim your personal authority, and find joy and appreciation in your life. 

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Meet Kim

Associate Certified Coach

Certified Whole Person Life Coach

Certified Life Story Coach 

I am a recovering People-Pleasing Perfectionist. As such, I was lost to myself for a long time. Although I’ve accomplished a fair amount as an individual, I usually did things to gain validation and acceptance from those around me. I lived a lot of my life based on what I thought others wanted from me.

When I hit my mid to late 40’s, I came into the proverbial mid-life crisis. I looked around me thinking, “how did I end up here?” and, “what does my future hold?” and most importantly, “who am I and what do I want?” 

It was a strange time for me. In a lot of ways, it appeared that I had everything I wanted: a good family, supportive husband, friends, an education. So, if my life was so good, why did I live with an underlying discontent?

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Whenever I started questioning my life and needs, my inner Critic would jump in and tell me I had nothing to be unhappy about. My Critic would say, “you are an ungrateful person. What right do you have to be unhappy?”

There was a voice inside of me longing to speak up.

“As someone who devours self-help material, I entered Kim's program hoping to improve my outlook, if not my actual situations. I was blown away by the results. I am using the tools Kim taught me to manage all kinds of situations and I wonder how I ever believed the old story I told myself. I recommend to everyone who knows there is something better in them waiting to be revealed.” 

- Stephanie K., WA

"My sessions with Kim were amazing. Her wisdom and generosity created a safe place for me to dig deep and move some things I wanted to change from "nagging-desire-on-the-back-burner" into solid action and concrete growth." 

- Rebecca M., MN

“Working with Kim was delightful and insightful!  Kim knew exactly the right questions to ask in order to guide me towards my own solutions. This coaching experience showed me that I have the power within me to change my own life.  Kim empowered me to want to strive for further personal growth and progress, without it being scary or daunting. Changing my life was easier when I worked with Kim.” 

- Christina M., WA

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