In times of uncertainty, it's easy to feel anxious and afraid.

To help you deal with any increasing anxiety, I've created a free 4-part webinar series: Managing and Reducing Anxiety during the Coronavirus Pandemic. All 4 parts can be found in the Videos section.

During this pandemic I am offering 30 minute chats during which you can share your concerns and we can work on reframing your experiences.

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When You Change Your Story, You Change Your Life

  • Have you read all the self-help books but still struggle to create lasting changes?

  • Do you feel like there should be more?

  • Are you trapped in disempowering thoughts, habits or relationships?

  • Do you yearn to flourish?

As a narrative coach I facilitate personal change by helping individuals rewrite their stories. My mission is to help you identify limiting stories and negative thoughts and then shift your perspective, so you can reclaim your personal authority and lead a confident, empowered, and compassionate life.

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Narrative coaching is a great way to facilitate personal change/growth. Watch here to learn more about what rewriting your story means and how you can incorporate this powerful tool to effect change.

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8 Steps to Rewriting Your Story

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Sign up for a 6-week program of 1:1 coaching. An individual focus of how to change your story and create a new life!

This program is designed to help you:

  • understand how common "story" is in life

  • identify a limiting story you want to change

  • identify any blocks that keep you from change

  • learn tools to "rewrite" your story

  • develop a mindset so you can thrive in your new story

During the Pandemic--15% off!

6 sessions for only $480!

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