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The Pandemic has created unique challenges for students and educators. I am offering coaching at a special rate, designed to help educators & students navigate these difficult times.

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Claim Your Voice

Have you spent most of your life supporting others? Do you feel lost as to what you really want? I help people-pleasing perfectionists cultivate their voice and speak their truth. You deserve to be seen and heard. Your needs & opinion matter.

You matter.

When you are used to keeping your feelings and thoughts to yourself, speaking your truth can feel impossible. But I am here to tell you it is possible! Using the process of Rewriting Your Story, I have finally claimed my voice.


It's 2021, are you ready to embrace your inner worth by changing the story you tell yourself about yourself? Watch this free webinar to learn how to let go of limitations, shift your inner story, and step into your power!

What if all of this chaos and confusion in the world is a call to live differently, with more intention?

Bev Barnes, from the Soul's Calling Academy has an insightful 5 minute video that explores this idea.

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There is room for YOU in your life

  • Have you spent most of your life putting other people’s needs before your own?

  • Are you at a point in your life where you’re longing for something that is just for you?

  • As a people-pleaser, do you fear that doing something for yourself might cause your life to blow up and negatively impact the lives of those you love?

  • Do you feel stuck in a no-win choice of:

EITHER I suck it up, deny myself, stay in my life as it is, and wither away,

OR I do something for myself, assert my needs and cause complete chaos.

I have some great news for you, 

it doesn’t have to be that way. 

There is room for YOU in your life.

Welcome to Seeds of Change Life Coaching! 

Utilizing a process called narrative coaching, I strive to help women cultivate their voices and speak their truth.

Take a minute to learn more in my introductory video.

When you change Your Story,

You Change Your Life

You don’t have to sacrifice yourself for the sake of everyone else. And taking care of your needs and wants doesn’t mean you stop taking care of others.

You can find and honor your voice without making extreme, radical changes to your life. You deserve to be seen and heard.

​​I know because I've been there. I was that people-pleaser, the woman who supported everyone else. And I was afraid that if I stood up for my own wants, my life would blow up. I didn’t want to lose everything, but I knew I was losing myself.

Like so many people-pleasers, I was constantly seeking external validation. I was basing my individual value on what others thought of me. I had built my life around an inner narrative that said: "my real worth in the world comes from supporting and serving others."

Now, I realize what a limiting story that was. It kept me small. It kept me in a lifetime of depression, despite having a loving family and a really good life.

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Cultivate Your Voice--
for People-Pleasing Perfectionists

That’s why today, as a narrative coach, I help people-pleasing women like you rewrite your stories and inner narrative, so that you will find your voice, learn your own self-worth, and find a deeper appreciation for life. 

Relying on others to validate you keeps you from understanding that your worth come from within.

When I dug deep to change my own inner narrative, I realized that I didn’t have to blow up my life at all. Instead, as I stepped into my power I found more joy in the things that already existed in my life. I was able to still support my loved ones – but now I include MYSELF in that circle of people I love. 

That’s what I want for you too, and that’s what we’ll do together in my Cultivate Your Voice coaching program.  You’ll learn how to rewrite your stories and inner narrative, so that you will shift your perspective, find your voice, reclaim your personal authority, and find joy and appreciation in your life. 

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What is Narrative Coaching?

Learn more about how your stories influence and shape your life. In my free video series you can discover how limiting stories may be holding you back and how narrative coaching can help you create a life you love.

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Meet Kim

Associate Certified Coach

Certified Whole Person Life Coach

Certified Life Story Coach 

I am a recovering People-Pleasing Perfectionist. As such, I was lost to myself for a long time. Although I’ve accomplished a fair amount as an individual, I usually worked around other people’s needs. My family’s needs were always put first. Then friends. My needs were sometimes fourth or fifth. I often felt guilty doing things for myself.

I basically believed that I didn’t matter as much as those around me. And I bought into the story that an ideal woman, mother, is helpful and kind. She is a good person if she sacrifices her own wants and needs for others. She never puts herself first.

When I hit my mid to late 40’s, I came into the proverbial mid-life crisis. I looked around me thinking, “how did I end up here?” and, “what does my future hold?” and most importantly, “who am I and what do I want?” 

It was a strange time for me. In a lot of ways, it appeared that I had everything I wanted: a good family, supportive husband, friends, an education. So, if my life was so good, why did I live with an underlying discontent?

Whenever I started questioning my life and needs, my inner Critic would jump in and tell me I had nothing to be unhappy about. My Critic would say, “you are an ungrateful person. What right do you have to be unhappy?”

My true self bucked against the stories I had been told about myself and how to be a good woman.
There was a voice inside of me longing to speak up.

“As someone who devours self-help material, I entered Kim's program hoping to improve my outlook, if not my actual situations. I was blown away by the results. I am using the tools Kim taught me to manage all kinds of situations and I wonder how I ever believed the old story I told myself. I recommend to everyone who knows there is something better in them waiting to be revealed.” 

- Stephanie K., WA

"My sessions with Kim were amazing. Her wisdom and generosity created a safe place for me to dig deep and move some things I wanted to change from "nagging-desire-on-the-back-burner" into solid action and concrete growth." 

- Rebecca M., MN

“Working with Kim was delightful and insightful!  Kim knew exactly the right questions to ask in order to guide me towards my own solutions. This coaching experience showed me that I have the power within me to change my own life.  Kim empowered me to want to strive for further personal growth and progress, without it being scary or daunting. Changing my life was easier when I worked with Kim.” 

- Christina M., WA