Group options

I offer a variety of workshops and/or a weekend retreat. As well as rewriting your story, I also offer workshops on the following subjects:  Archetypes, Black and White Thinking, Embracing Uncertainty, and The Stages of Faith Development. Join a scheduled workshop in person or via the internet, or I can come to a group you put together and present the workshop of your choice.  These workshops and retreats are a fantastic way to meet others who have a similar passions and goals as you.


There are a variety of workshops offered:

  • 2.5 hours
  • 5 hours
  • Full-day
  • Weekend Retreat

Contact me for dates and prices.

What participants are saying:

"It was an amazing safe space and I felt like I got uplifted. I loved splitting into the small groups and having the small discussion. It was a friendly environment and Kim did a great job."


"Thank you for all the hardworking and effort on our behalf. Having others to journey with makes the journey easier."


"It always helps me to know I am not alone and my thoughts and feelings are normal. I love hearing others' thoughts and feelings."


"Great quotes, valuable group discussion, and everyone was free to express their own opinion/belief."


"The workshop was all I expected, and more! It was helpful to have more concrete examples."


"It was good to know that having doubts is an important part of personal development."