Stages of Grief in a Faith Crisis

Faith Crisis: It can feel like dying

Going through a faith crisis is not for the faint of heart.  It is an emotional rollercoaster.  It can often feel like something within us has died.  At the minimum, there is a great loss.  In truth, it is a type of death—the death of certainty, the loss of a straightforward belief.  And like the grieving process we go through when a loved one dies, we experience a similar grieving process as we undergo a faith crisis. Read More

Limitations of Binary Thinking

Most of us are familiar with Either/Or thinking, also known as Black-and-White or Binary thinking. It is the type of thinking that drove Inspector Javert’s obsessive quest to bring Jean Valjean to justice for stealing a loaf of bread in the book/movie Les Miserables.  When we use either/or thinking it helps us make sense of the world and brings us certainty (link coming).  Black-and-White thinking tends to simplify life, people, and events, and it leads us to literal interpretations of things, like scripture.  It also leads to absolutes and divides people into us vs. them. However, there are limitations to binary thinking. And it  makes it incredibly difficult to hold space in your life for paradox (link coming). Read More

Some Thoughts on Perfectionism

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Who’s Driving Your Bus? 

Sometimes I think of my life as a bus and the passengers are all the different emotions and archetypes I experience.  Some passengers are noisy and demand attention, some do their own thing and you barely notice them.  Read More

Faith Crisis or Something Else?

Crisis vs Transformation

First of all, what is a faith crisis?  A faith crisis often feels like your entire world is crashing down around you.  You begin questioning things you always considered to be true; your old ways of knowing the world no longer make sense. Consequently, these questions might reveal grey areas
where before you clearly saw black and white.  Maybe your inner moral compass no longer fully

aligns with your faith community or you feel judged.  Regardless, it is a time of intense questioning Read More

Rewriting Your Story…What Does That Even Mean?

Why stories matter

Humans are story-tellers. We’ve been that way since our very first ancestor recounted a hunt or explained why there are stars in the sky.  Stories are how we make sense of our world.  They shape our beliefs about ourselves, those around us, and the cosmos.  It’s truly amazing how mere words can influence our lives. However, words in and of themselves, don’t have much power.  The real power of a story comes from the telling of it.  The more a story is told, the more power it has.  And the more we hear a story, the more it makes sense to us and influences our thoughts and actions. Read More