I love the power of stories. They shape the way we see, experience, and make sense of life. We need stories like we need air. Seeds of Change Life Coaching is about transforming our stories. The seedling in my logo is patterned after a tattoo I got several years ago. It is symbolic of the power of transformation that is held within each of us. I chose a seedling, rather than a mature tree, to remind me that growth is a lifelong process. Throughout my life I struggled with depression. For years my depression felt like a stone inside of me, but I began to change my story about it. With time and work that stone became a seed. And eventually that seed sprouted.∗ The roots are symbolic of the nourishment and calming effect that comes from being grounded. The leaves are always stretching upward, reaching for the sun, seeking the light.


Are you carrying a stone inside that in reality is a seed? Are you ready to reframe your story and let your seed germinate? Regardless of where you are at or how much change you want to make, I hope you’ll consider having me join you in the journey of rewriting your story.


∗The process of healing from my depression took more than rewriting my story.  It included a good therapist, medication, and persistence.  I am not suggesting that changing your story is all you need to heal when dealing with clinical depression.  Please seek help from trained professionals for clinical depression.